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We are looking for original contributions covering all aspects of Today’s Tech that will be of interest to the modern India. Contributions can be in any form – informative and authoritative opinions, commentary, narrative writing, original reporting, photos essays, interviews, bi-weekly/monthly columns, and explainers.

What we’re looking for

Inside Story: Are you a top corporate who can give us the insider perspective on your industry? Can you tell us what an outsider may not know? If you’ve got the scoop, we want it.

Original Reporting: Do you want to tell us a story about an issue that matters? Will it primarily include original reporting? If yes, we want your story.

Data Analysis: Can you tell us a story that uncovers original insights through a deep data analysis? Will numbers be the key to understanding the issue you’re covering? We’re interested.

Opinion: Do you have an authoritative opinion on an issue that matters? Is your voice one that people can care about? We’re listening and so are our readers…we want your strong views.

Reviews: Is tech your jam? Do you want to share your thoughts?We’re interested in what you think of the best, the worst and the in between.

Explainers: Want to dig deep into an issue to help our readers understand what’s happening? Explainers are our thing and we want you to join in.

Photo essays: A picture is worth a thousand words. And many pictures…you get the gist. If you’ve got photos that tell a story, that address an issue, that showcase something, we want them.

Interviews: Have you met somebody interesting? Do you want to share your conversation with a larger audience? We’re looking for interviews with movers and shakers, opinion makers and everything tech.

How to submit: If you’d like to submit an original piece for us to consider for publication, please email us at support@syntaxapps.in

Please be aware that all submissions are not automatically accepted for publication. If your idea or submission is a good fit for the Syntax Apps Blog, we’ll be in touch.

Some submission guidelines 

  1. All submissions must be original.
  2. Avoid jargon and technical language.
  3. For photo essays, please send high resolution images as email attachments or through a web transfer link.
  4. Submissions should be made in a Word document rather than a PDF.
  5. Please provide a short title for your submission.
  6. Please include in-line hyperlinks of all sources.
  7. Please include a one-line bio along with your Twitter or LinkedIn handle (if you have one) when submitting your article.

We hope you enjoy an Authentic, Fresh and a Brutally Honest take on Today’s Tech.

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